Data Management Plan

LArIAT data management is in accordance with an agreement between the Fermilab Scientific Computing Division and the LArIAT collaboration as detailed in the Technical Scope of Work (TSW), CS-DocDB-5586.

The guiding principle of Fermilab’s Scientific Data Management (SDM) services is to provide data handling and management services that are robust, efficient, innovative, easy to use, and easy to maintain and operate. The Scientific Data Management services enable the LArIAT experiment to catalog and store event files in the Fermilab central storage system, and to retrieve such files for processing by jobs running at Fermilab and at remote sites.

Data Handling

LArIAT “event data files” are in ROOT format, but require proprietary LArIAT code to fully access and interpret. These files generally contain event information originated by the LArIAT detectors or simulation. Raw data from the detectors are transferred using the FNAL-developed File Transfer Service (FTS) from the DAQ machine to Enstore, and then catalogued by the SAM (Sequential Access via Metadata) catalog system. The data are copied to the Enstore tape system for archival storage as well as to the central dCache pools for general processing and analysis access. For raw data, two copies are made on different physical tapes to ensure against data loss in the event of media failure.

SDM services manage the raw event files, as well as configuration files in the art framework format (FHICL) that are used to initiate processing of data files and initiation of simulation jobs.

The SAM system is used to catalog, move, and track event data from a central storage facility to caches worldwide. The complementary Intensity Frontier Data Handling (IFDH) system works together with SAM to transfer data from nearby caches to worker nodes hosting running jobs. SAM provides an interface (SAMWeb) for the users and administrators to configure, communicate with, and monitor the data management system.

The File Transfer Service is a robust system for uploading files into the SAM catalog and central Fermilab storage. Its main use is for transferring event files from the LArIAT DAQ systems into SAM, as well as output of simulations.

Scientific Data Storage and Access

LArIAT uses Fermilab’s Enstore tape system for archival storage and the central cache system with dCache for cache management. The LArIAT collaboration utilizes the standard Scientific Data Storage and Access Services described in CS-DocDB-5032.


LArIAT data do not contain any personal identifiable or other confidential information, and therefore do not require special security measures to protect confidentiality.


This data management plan is in line with current practices of large particle physics experiments, and is in accord with the default data management plan for Fermilab experiments.